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Timeslips by Sage Reports

This course is ideal for the user who wants an overview of the reports offered in Timeslips. The course will guide you through the process of running various reports and the options available as well as creating user-defined reports. Upon completion of this training, you will have a good understanding of the reports to run for your firm.

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This Training Course is designed to bring you through the process of:

Billing Tab
  • The reports on this tab contain reports relating to the billing process. The reports involve reporting on clients balances as well as reporting on unbilled information. The main focus of this Tab is pre and post billing information. Reports discussed are:

    • Ages A/R Balances - This report provides analysis of overdue balances. These balances are broken down by the aging periods that you have defined.

    • Totals Only Worksheets - This report contains billing information that has not yet appeared on a final bill. It is also called the Billing Worksheet Summary.

    • Generate Bills - this report is the documents that you send to your clients. It lists the services that you have provided and the expenses that have been incurred during the billing period. It also lists any payments that the client had sent in as well as a resulting balance.

    • Generate Statements - Statements provide a list to your client of invoices that were sent to them as well as any payments they had submitted.

    • History Bill for the Court - If you are a law firm and you are required to submit a bill to the court, where you may need to show both billed and unbilled charges for a client. The History Bill allows you to combine billed and unbilled slips on a report that resembles a bill, but it does effect on client balances.

    • Pre-bill Worksheet - This report contains billing information that has not yet appeared on a final bill. This report is generated to get a detailed glance at the information that will appear on a bill. Many firms run Pre-bill Worksheets prior to billing so they can make sure the information is going to print correctly on the bill.

Slip Tab

  • The reports on this tab provide information on slips that have been entered by your firm. Reports discussed:

    • Slips Totals by Period - This report shows totals for hours, fees, and costs for your slips in a periodic table. You can show daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or yearly totals. This report can be useful in printing a weekly time sheet to show each timekeeper's monthly or weekly total charges.

    • Slip Productivity by Period - This report shows a periodic table of hours, fees, and costs comparing billable and unbillable amounts. With this report, you can assess the billable work generated by your firm over several periods.

    • Slip Profitability by Period - This report compares the amounts on the slips to the amount that was actually billed and shows the difference and percent difference between slip and billed totals. This report is great to show how much would have been billed without any alterations to the slips as compared to what you received for work performed.

    • Slip Listing - The report provides detailed information about each time and expense slip. It is most useful when you need to see complete details of selected slips that can be reviewed by the person who did the work to review for billing.

    • Slip Summary Listing - This report summarizes slip information and gives an analysis of hours, dollars, and expenses for timekeeper, client, or task and expense activities. It displays billable and unbillable totals.

    • Slip Detail from Report Designer - This is a customizable report lets you define what information from your slips that you want to see. The reports defined by Timeslips may contain too much information and you may have just s few items that you want to report on, this user-defined report allows you to choose what to report on and nothing more.

A/R Transactions Tab

  • The reports on this tab provide information relating to A/R transactions. These transactions include invoices, balances, payments and a history of client activity. Reports discussed:

    • A/R by Period - The report displays client history broken down into monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual periods, whichever you choose.

    • A/R Transaction Listing - This report prints a listing of accounts receivable transactions with totals. You can print a monthly register of payment transactions or a daily report to include with your deposits.

    • A/R with Running Balances - This report shows the client's account receivable transactions along with the client's balance.

    • Credit Register - This report provides a listing of credits issued by your firm.

    • Invoice Listing - The Invoice Listing prints the amounts approved and paid on selected invoices. Use the report to see an itemized listing of invoices, payments applied to the invoice, and an overall total of fees (time charges), costs (expense charges), and interest charges.

    • Payment Register - This report provides a listing of Payments received by your firm.

Funds Tab

  • This tab provides a list of reports relating to Funds Client funds accounts are separate accounts that allow you to track retainer fees, manage trust funds, or track escrow accounts for your clients. Reports discussed:

    • Funds Transaction Listing - This report displays an itemized listing of all client funds transactions.

    • Funds with Running Balances - This report shows a complete break-down of the funds balance. Any payments to or from the funds account are shown with a beginning balance, amounts added and removed, and an overall ending balance.

    • Funds by Period - This report includes totals according to the Period type of your client funds activity.

Client Tab

  • This tab contains the list of reports relating to client information. Provides reports on client WIP, billing arrangement, budgets as well as history. Reports discussed:

    • Aged WIP - This report breaks down unbilled slips into defined aging periods to help you identify clients who have generated charges that have not been billed. This report shows the firm what is available for billing that may have been omitted from previous billings.

    • Available WIP Listing - The Available WIP Listing summarizes work in process (WIP) amounts for each client. It provides totals for fees and costs.

    • Charges on Hold Analysis - This report prints the total of hours, fees, and costs charges on hold. Values are taken both from slips and various hold options assigned in the Client Information.

    • Monthly Totals Listing - This report lists invoice charges and payments against invoices for each client on a monthly basis.

    • User Defined Client Listing - This is a customizable report lets you define what information from your clients that you want to see. The reports defined by Timeslips may contain too much information and you may have just s few items that you want to report on, this user-defined report allows you to choose what to report on and nothing more.

Timekeeper Tab

  • The reports on this tab relating to your staff or employees. You can report on their productivity and profitability of their work. Reports can also be generated to track what was collected through payments by each timekeeper as well as weekly slip totals. Reports discussed:

    • Timekeeper Collections - This report itemizes each payment transaction and breaks-down its payment contribution to invoices you have applied it against. Each timekeeper who did actual work is shown with the amount they billed and the amount this payment contributes to those billings.

    • Timekeeper Contributions - The Timekeeper Contribution report provides an analysis of WIP and billed totals for hours and fees. The report analyzes the percentage of total hours and the total fees that are billable. This report analyzes each timekeeper's performance.

    • Weekly Slip Totals - This report shows totals for hours, fees, and costs for your slips in a given week. With this report, you can print a weekly time sheet to show each timekeeper's monthly total charges.

    • Timekeeper History by Period - This report evaluates every timekeeper's history to show the percentage of totals for hours and fees that are charged. The report also computes the effective hourly billing rate. Use this report to track evaluate each timekeepers billing performance. Compare and contrast billable and unbillable values with profitable percent amounts between the two.

Activity Tab

  • These reports contain information relating to task and expense information. Reports discussed:

    • Mark up Analysis - The Markup Analysis summarizes the total markup or markdown for both billed and unbilled charges. Slip values are totaled per activity, both before and after the effects of the markup.

Tax Tab

  • These reports contain information relating to tax information. Reports discussed:

    • Tax Collection Summary - This report gives an overview of the current status of each tax rate rule including information on taxes billed, paid, credited, and taxes still due.

    • Tax on Each Invoice - This report shows you the tax that was charged on each invoice.

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